Serkan Er
President of The Ankara Chamber of Dentists and
Vice President of Organization Committtee

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to start my remarks by sharing my condolences at a time when each one of us feels the impact of the earthquake which affected many cities of Turkey on February 6, and, as we help each other to overcome the disaster through unity and solidarity, we will remain patient, strong and stand in solidarity until the wounds are healed, the pain in our hearts eases, and the days are more hopeful. I believe that the Republic of Turkey, that was established on the basis of the idea of independence, is the masterwork of the spirit of unity and solidarity which brought victory to our fight for independence, and our country will rise back from its ashes just like it did in 1923.

We celebrate the centennial of our Republic with hope and enthusiasu. We are proud to host our congress at our capital, particularly in a very meaningful year for Turkey.

The TDA 27th International Dental Congress, which we have been preparing for with this elation and with the centennial spirit, will be organized on October 26-29, 2023 at ATO Congresium Congress Center. With its rich scientific program, our congress will be a scientific opportunity to bring together and raise awareness on various disciplines, and to remember our memories and start new friendships.

With speakers and participants from various Turkey and abroad, our congress will be an international scientific event. We will be pleased to host you at our congress, as your contributions will enrich our discussion, and we send you our kindest greetings.

Tarık İşmen
President of Turkish Dental Association
and Organization Committee

Dear Colleagues,

In preparation for our 27th congress, we had originally designed an event program that would truly celebrate the values and hopes of the dental medicine on the centennial of the Republic of Turkey. The program would be first launched in Samsun, followed by events in Amasya, Sivas, Erzurum, Uşak and İzmir, where we would share scientific knowledge and the story of the Republic with our colleagues and participants. The last stop was going to be Ankara, the capital of the Republic, where our Congress was going to take place.

We were making plans to come back together, refresh our friendships and starting new relations after a long period of online meetings due to the pandemic; however, unfortunately, on the morning of February 6, we woke up to an indefinable devastation.

We lost our most precious values, loved ones, friends and families. 13 million people were affected by the earthquake, which deeply shocked all citizens of Turkey. We lost our colleagues, our industry stakeholders and our patients.
We will heal our wounds by standing in “solidarity.” It is true that we cannot bring everything back but we will rise again with the spirit of solidarity. We will rebuild the clinics that have been devastated.

Solidarity Will Keep Us Alive!

We need to recover and hold on to life. We need each other to heal.
This is why we invite you to science, innovation, recovering and relieving our pain by being together, on the centennial of the Republic of Turkey, in Ankara.
We invite you to Ankara to refresh our knowledge, to relieve our pain, to stand together and in solidarity.
Our congress is closely followed by the dental industry. Join us and support our event with your participation.

Science, intelligence, and the Republic…

Our values that guide us…

It is our duty to defend our values!

Kind regards

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