Together Again!

President of the Istanbul Chamber of Dentists and Organization Comittee

Dear colleagues,

Our first TDA congress was organized in 1992 in İzmir. 30 years later, the 26th TDA International Dental Congress will be organized on 8-11 September 2022 in Istanbul again. 

Our excitement is in the air. We are very happy and honoured to host our biggest meeting that we had to postpone for three years due to the pandemic and we’ll resume now. 

Our profession is very dynamic and technological developments cannot be hindered by by any disaster. 

CHANGE is inevitable and requires refreshment.

Our congresses provide great opportunities to us to both observe novelties and socialize. 

We’ll be honoured to host you in İstanbul for an excellent experience at our congress that you’ll enjoy every moment with the cultural and social events we’ll organize, you’ll be proud of your chamber and that will host several distinguished national and international speakers. 

I wish to see you all and hope you’ll enjoy the marvellous congress that reflects the CHANGE mindset PRIORITIZING dentists in a DEMOCRATIC way. 

Best Regards

Tarık İşmen

President of Turkish Dental Association and the Congress

Fellow Colleagues,

As the challenging pandemic conditions are becoming lighter gradually, we notice that our need to have human contact and longing for being together have further increased. As a professional organization, we’ve worked as hard as possible with our chambers and their volunteering managers to alleviate these challenging circumstances to some extent and help our colleagues feel they are not alone.

It is now time to refresh, heal the wounds, and make difference for the public we serve. We’ll join together at Istanbul Congress which will be probably the best for us among all congresses organized by our association and supported by our chambers helping us to bring it to you. At this congress where science, wisdom and technology complement one another, it is time to meet our competent professors who give the highest priority to sharing knowledge, the sector which is an integral part of us and most importantly friends we’ve been missing. I believe that this congress will bring us all together again with the motto of ‘REGENERATION’ as all our feast-like congresses do. Your attendance to the congress will indicate how important what we do is. Help us bring the value to the congress it deserves and join together, fulfill our longing after 2 challenging years.