Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bora Korkut

Recent Advances in Diastema Closure Restorations 09 September 2022 09:00-12:00

Direct resin composite restorations are preferred in anterior teeth as well as posterior teeth with the developing materials and methods in adhesive dentistry concept. These restorations mimic the natural dental tissues very well as they have advantage of being minimally invasive in a single appointment. Closing the gaps, diastemas, between the teeth is a common clinical application especially following an orthodontic treatment to complete the esthetic smile of the patient. These restorations can even be performed without any preparations if the axe, torque, and position of the teeth are correct. With the development of optical and mechanical properties of the resin-based composite materials, shade mismatching is not a big problem at all and long-lasting diastema closure restorations can be performed quite easily in daily practice. The first part of this hands-on course will be about the discussions of the treatment planning and the material selection. A major diastema closure restoration using an up-to-date technique, ‘Injection Moulding’ will also be performed. The second part the course is going to be the about performing a monochromatic major diastema closure restoration using the ‘free-hand additive layering’ technique.