Prof. Dr. Korkud Demirel

Non-surgical periodontal treatment: In other words initial treatment

Non-surgical periodontal treatment has been overshadowed by other periodontal treatments and could not gain its rightful place in any way. The reasons for this include first the fact that it is perceived as a treatment that anyone is capable and its scope is limited to tartar cleaning. On the other hand, first line periodontal treatment requires first accurate diagnosis, controlling the cause of disease, management of host response capacity and finally patient follow-up. Non-surgical periodontal treatment that has an important and undeniable role in the prevention of tooth losses of individuals is a treatment option that will satisfy both patients and dentists.At the end of this presentation including also video recordings, participants will have extensive knowledge about the importance of diagnosis in treatment planning and basics of non-surgical periodontal treatment.


Undergraduate: İÜDHF 1985
PhD: İÜDHF 1992
Assoc.Prof: İÜDHF 1996
Professor: İÜDHF 2002

2018 Honorary Professor: P.L. Shupyk National Academy of Postgraduate Education in Health Sciences (NMAPE), Kiev,Ukraine

PhD Thesis: In-vitro effects of superficially applied doxycycline hydroclhoride on surfaces of roots affected by a periodontal disease

Academic/Clinical interests: Periodontal Esthetic-Plastic procedures
Prosthetic Periodontology studies
Implant surgery
Guided bone regeneration
Smoking and periodontal disease

Professional experience:

2021 İstanbul Kent University Faculty of Dentistry Periodontology Department
1985- 2021 İstanbul University Faculty of Dentistry Periodontology Department
2012- Perio Course center founder and trainer
2008-2010 Dentistanbul Dental Hospital Head of Surgery and Periodontology Department
2005- Private Practice
1996 Bern University, Faculty of Dentistry Periodontology and Fixed Prosthedondics Department
1989-1990 New York State University, Stony Brook Dentistry Faculty Periodontology Department

Administrative Positions:

2021- Director of İKÜDHF Continuous Education Application and Research Center for Dentistry
2009 – 2012 Member of İÜDHF Education commission
2000 – 2002 Member of Faculty Board at İÜDHF

Scientific Studies and Positions under Professional Society:

European Federation of Periodontology:

2007-2017 YK üyesi
2010-2011 YK Başkanı
2011-1016 Periodontoloji Lisans Eğitimi Komisyon Başkanı
2015 EuroPerio 8 Londra Kongre Saymanı
2017 II. Perio Master Clinic Kongre Başkanı

Turkish Society of Periodontology:

2004-2014 Board Member
2010-2012 President of Board
2012-2014 President of Congress and Sponsorship Commission

İstanbul Chamber of Dentists:

1998-2000 Board member and President of Scientific Committee
2002-2004 Board member and President of Scientific Committee
2020-2022 Scientific Committee Member

11 PhD theses, 3 specialization theses were completed under his supervision as an advisor and he has 32 articles published abroad. He is a translator of a professional book, translation editor of 2 books and author of 4 books for dentists. He is an author of five topics in books published in foreign language. Some of his books were translated to English, Russian and Chinese .