Dr. Nilay Aksoy

Rational use of antibiotic in Dentistry

Don't make "the life-saving drug" the one that most threatens our lives. Antibiotics have fundamentally changed health care by saving lives and preventing serious health complications; however, their overuse has serious consequences, such as the emergence of antimicrobial drug resistance and a significant negative impact on mortality rate and health economy, a condition exacerbated by the COVID 19 pandemic. Dentists are not exempt to this tragedy, as numerous reports about irrational antibiotic use in dentistry and its contribution to the overall antimicrobial resistance have been published worldwide. These irrational uses were observed when antibiotics were used either prophylactically or therapeutically. Antibiotics are prescribed in dentistry for both clinical and non-clinical reasons. The clinical reason, antibiotics are prescribed for specific clinical condition while non-clinical reasons are motivated by factors such as patient and other doctors’ expectation, a lack of time for emergency treatment or the use of the reputable sources of information. The development of practical antibiotic prescribing guidelines that include a clear description of indications and regimens involving case-by-case prescriptions, as well as a continuous education program for dentists, and involving clinical pharmacist in the prescription practices as a counselor, will aid in the rational use of antibiotics.

Keywords: Antibiotic, antimicrobial drug resistance, dentists, continuous education program.

Dr. Nilay Aksoy earned her pharmacy degree from Al-Azhar University, Palestine. She was Palestine's first clinical pharmacist and the head of the Nasser Hospital's Clinical Pharmacy department in Gaza. She earned her master's degree from the University of Alexandria in Egypt and her PhD from the Department of Clinical Pharmacy at Marmara University in Turkey. She has worked as a visiting research fellow at the Universities of Tennessee and Colorado in the United States. Dr. Aksoy has been teaching pharmacotherapy courses at Altnbaş University's Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Dentistry since 2016. She also supervised many doctoral and master's theses at Medipol and Marmara University. Her main research interests are drug-related problems and Rational use of medications.