Prof. Dr. Ayşe Işıl Orhan

Prevention of ECC: Preventive Applications     
Dental caries, which is accepted as the most common childhood disease in the world;  is a chronic and infectious disease that adversely affects general health, quality of life, growth and development. Children who develop caries lesions in their primary teeth are three times more likely to have caries in their permanent teeth.
In preventive medicine practices, the main aim is to prevent diseases before they occur, to protect the health of individuals. Starting from the period when parents plan to have a baby, taking the right steps for the baby's oral health makes it possible to protect healthy dental tissues, improving oral health in children and to become healthy adults in the future.
In this presentation, information on nutrition, plaque control, caries preventive applications, the use of caries preventive agents according to current guidelines and current materials

Dr. Aylin Akbay Oba graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry in 1993. She completed her PhD in 2001 at Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry, Pedodontics Department. She received her title of Associate Professor in 2011 and Professor in 2017 at Kırıkkale University Faculty of Dentistry. Dr. Aylin Akbay Oba worked as the Vice Dean and Head of the Pedodontics Department at Kırıkkale University Faculty of Dentistry. She  has many articles published in national and international journals and presentations in national and international congresses.
Dr. Aylin Akbay Oba has been working as a pediatric dentist in her private clinic in Ankara since 2021. She is a committee member at the Turkish Society of Pediatric Dentistry.