Prof. Dr. Ayşe Işıl Orhan

Oral and Dental Health Profile Survey of Turkey

Oral and dental health is an integral part of overall health and has a significant impact on quality of life of individuals. Only accurate policies can effectively control oral and dental diseases which are an important health problem due to the high prevalence and high cost of treatment around the world. There is a need for epidemiological studies that identify the problem for developing these policies. The Oral and Dental Health Profile Survey of Turkey 2018 (TADSAP-2018) was conducted due to such need and provided nationwide, comprehensive and current data about the current state of oral and dental health.

TADSAP-2018 Survey was commissioned by The Directorate General for Public Health under the Turkish Ministry of Health and completed by the Oral and Dental Health Department of the DG for Public Health under the the Turkish Ministry of Health. It is the first study with a strong representation at national level after the last study which was Oral and Dental Health profile of Turkey Survey (TADSAP-2004) conducted in 2004 by Hacettepe University Faculty of Dentistry Dental Diseases and Treatment Department and Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Public Health Department.

In the household survey conducted in a 427 clusters in 73 provinces randomly selected by the Turkish Statistical Institute; face-to-face interviews were held with participants at ages and in age groups recommended by the World Health Organization and then oral and dental examination of these individuals were performed.

Through the questions in the survey; information was collected about demographical characteristics, self-evaluation of individuals about their oral health, quality of life in relation with oral health and risk factors for oral health,, access to healthcare services and oral hygiene practices. Through oral and dental examination; presence of caries, missing teeth and fillings, periodontal condition, dental fluorosis, developmental enamel defects, dental erosion, dental trauma, oral mucosa lesions and dentures was evaluated and need for treatment was determined.

Oral and dental health related data was collected from 11091 individuals including 2208 children aged 5, 2.160 children aged 12, 2123 children aged 15 and 2390 adults in the age group 35-44 and 2210 adults in the age group 65-74.

In this presentation, the comparison between the findings of the TADSAP-2018 survey and those of TADSAP-2004 as well as the changes that took place between two periods, the current state of Turkey in terms of oral and dental health compared to the rest of the world and to what extent oral health targets have been achieved will be discussed.

Ayşe Işıl Orhan graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry in 2000. She completed her PhD in 2007 at the Pedodontics Department of the same faculty. She received her title of associate professor in 2016. In 2007-2018, she worked as specialist dentist at 75. Yıl Ankara Oral and Dental Health Hospital of the Turkish Ministry of Health. She’s been working as a lecturer at Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University Faculty of Dentistry Department of Pedodontics since 2018.