Doç. Dr. Bora Korkut

Clinical Tips for The Optimum Shade Matching in Anterior Composite Restorations

Esthetic demands as well as the minimally invasive treatment preferences of the patients, led to direct composite materials to be selected more often for the anterior restorations today. As a result of the recent advancements in mechanical and optical properties of these materials, operators are able to provide highly esthetic as well as long lasting direct restorations in arelatively a short period of time. Shade matching with the natural dental tissues is very important forsuccessfull anterior composite restorations, that meet the esthetic demands of the patients. The restorative steps such as material selection, shade selection, layering technique, and finishing procedure should be performed in a correct way to obtain an optimal shade matching, clinically. Otherwise, the possible shade matching problems may lead to the total renewall of the restoration. This lecture is about the clinical tips to obtain an optimal shade matching in anterior composite restorations, and these tips will be discussed in details with reason / result relationship, through the clinical cases

Born in 1984, İzmir, Turkey. Graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Dentistry in 2008. Defended his doctorate thesis ‘The assessment of dimensional alterations of worn incisors in different time periods’ in Marmara University, Dentistry Faculty, Restorative Department in 2015 and got ‘Ph.D.’ and also, ‘Restorative Dentistry Specialist’ title. Has been working as an academic in Marmara University, Faculty of Dentistry since 2015. Gained the ‘Assistant Professor’ title in 2018 and the ‘Associate Professor’ title in 2022. Has many national and international scientific publications about direct and indirect restorations, pre-restorative treatments, clinical dental photography, tooth wear, and caries diagnosis and management. Has presented several scientific lectures in national and international meetings, congresses, and symposiums about dental photography and anterior composite restorations since 2015. Additionally, has participated as an instructor in more than 80 hands-on courses since 2015.