Dr. Domingo Martin Salvador

THE FAS Aligner System - Function Finally enters the world of Aligners

Never in the history of orthodontics has there been such a tremendous paradigm shift in the profession like we’ve seen with the arrival of aligners. The advent of this new orthodontic technique has taken orthodontics over like an authentic tsunami. Just a few years ago, from a very small number of patients being treated to an unstoppable increasing number of treatments with this revolutionary technique.However all aligner systems are only concerned with aligning teeth and esthetics. This is why we have developed FAS. An aligner system that finally takes into account function and esthetics.In my presentation I will explain how the system works, the importance of the OcclusalDesign, STOP and GO and the FAS Occlusal Finisher. I will present many cases where we obtain function and esthetics.

· BA, University of Southern California
· Doctor from the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao
· Stomatologist from the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao
· Specialist in Orthodontics from the University of Valencia (Dr. José Canut)
· Roth Diploma -Williams Functional Occlusion San Francisco 1991-93
· Diploma Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry, Oregon 1993-95
· Active member and former president of the Angle Society of Europe
· Juan Carol SEDO Award 1991
· President of the SEDO Meeting 2000 in San Sebastián
· Full Member of the European Society of Orthodontics
· Director Roth-Williams Functional Spain and Portugal
· Current Co-Director of the Roth-Williams International Society of Orthodontics.
· Visiting Professor - International University of Catalonia - Barcelona-Department of Orthodontics
· Visiting Professor - Complutense University of Madrid- Department of Orthodontics and Periodontics
· He has given conferences and courses in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, England, Austria, Israel, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, India, China, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Morocco and USA
· He currently works as an exclusive orthodontist in San Sebastián