Prof. Dr. Esra Can

How can I Achieve Successful Adhesion in Dental Hard Tissues with Different Structures at Clinic?

We may encounter with enamel and dentin tissues with very different visual and structural characteristics while restoring teeth at clinics. In case of hypomineralization and hypoplasia leading to reduction in mineral structure or volume of enamel, different structures may affect the durability of adhesive restorations such as the ones in the sclerotic dentine localized in the cervical and occlusal zones of teeth characterized by slow loss of soft tissues and and gradual loss of hard tissues, dentin structure affected by soft and irregular caries characterized by demineralization and remineralization that is recurrent under caries lesions, dentine structure under amalgam restorations and root canal dentin with regional differences and affected by endodontic irrigation solutions. In this presentation, clinical studies, evidence-based dentistry data and application procedures for different enamel and dentin structures of adhesive systems and adhesive restorations we encounter at our clinics in the light of case examples will be discussed and clinical tips for long-term success will be provided.

She graduated from Austurian High School in 1989 and İstanbul University Faculty of Dentistry in 1994. She did her PhD at the Department of Dental Diseases and Treatment of the same university from 1995 to 1999. She received her title of assistant professor in 2002, associate professor in 2006, and professor in 2014 at Yeditepe University Faculty of Dentistry Department of Dental Diseases and Treatment. She worked as visiting research fellow at Tokyo Medical and Dental School and University of Pennsylvania School of Dentistry. She was a member of İstanbul Chamber of Dentists Continuous Dentistry Education Commission, scientific committees of international congresses of Turkish Dental Association, Restorative Dentistry Society and International Association of Dental Research. In 2013-2017, she was a board member of Continental European Division of IADR while she was its term president in 2014-2016. Since 2017, she’s the president of the Restorative Dentistry Society. She’s still the Head of Department of Restorative Dental Treatment at Yeditepe University Faculty of Dentistry. She has several national and international scientific publications, book chapters and presentations on adhesive dentistry and dental materials. She provides conferences and hands-on courses on adhesion, whitening, composite veneers, porcelain laminate, restoration after endodontic treatment and direct-indirect posterior restorations. She’s a member of IADR, Academy of Dental Materials, TDA, Restorative Dentistry Society and Association of Laser Academy. She’s married with a daughter.