Prof. Dr. Fulya Özdemir


In this presentation, I will review the current data about aligner treatment I will mainly focus on the following:
1. production technology and elements,
2. Expectations of patients and dentists during aligner treatment,
3. tools that assist us a lot in our clinical practice.
4. I will then briefly review when aligners are advantageous and in which conditions they are problematic.

I completed by primary education at Bursa Private İnal Ertekin Kindergarten and Elementary School, lower and upper secondary education at İstanbul American Robert College. After my 5 year undergraduate education at İstanbul University Faculty of Dentistry, I completed my 5-year PhD - speciality program at Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry Department of Orthodontics by defending my thesis titled 'Assessment of Histological and Histomorphological Changes in Pulp after Rapid Palatal Expansion' (July 1998). I worked at various academic and administrative positions at Yeditepe University in 2001-2016 and Marmara University in 2017-2022. At present, I run my own private practice. I’m married with three children (two daughters and a son). My professional interests are biomechanics in orthodontic treatment, rapid tooth movement and aligner treatment.