Prof.Dr. Georg Meyer

Cranio Mandibular Function related to other medical disciplines – Consequences for
dental diagnostics and pre-therapy before restorative and orthodontic treatment

Craniofacial pain is one of the most common disorders affecting the general population. As the reasons for acute and chronic craniofacial pain can be extremely diverse, diagnostic and therapy require an interdisciplinary approach. From the dental and maxillofacial standpoint craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD) must be taken into consideration in treating such patients. Dental risk factors for CMD are mainly occlusal interferences which can be intensified in combination with psycho-emotional stress.

Current research as for example the Study of Health in Pomerania (SHIP) shows evidence between CMD and tension headache, migraine, neuralgic pain, TMJ problems and tinnitus as well as relations to cervical vertebrae- and back ache. Therefore the dental profession has a big responsibility within interdisciplinary medical approach to these diseases. Before any restorative treatment , including orthodontic therapy , a functional risk as-sessment and, if necessary, a pre-therapy should be obligatory