Dt. Hayrullah Kaya

Isolation and dental magnification in clinical practice

A major portion of dental practice involves endodontic treatments and adhesive procedures. Isolation is one of the areas that we must pay extra attention to in order to achieve more predictable and reproducible treatment results in endodontic and adhesive procedures. Various materials such as suctions, retraction cords, cotton rolls and retractors are used to protect the working area from contamination. When we look at isolation history in dentistry, "Rubber Dam" stands out among other isolation methods. The importance of rubber-dams in our profession has been understood more since the Covid-19 pandemic that emerged in 2019. In addition, the importance of dental magnification and lighting is inevitable as we work in a small and detailed field in dentistry. We can perform more precise and predictable treatments in working areas when we use the proper magnification and lighting systems together with rubber dam isolation. In this presentation, starting from the history of isolation, rubber dam usage areas, usage methods, dental magnification systems and its importance will be mentioned. The purpose of this presentation is to make a small contribution to the workflow in your clinics by providing information that can be added to clinical practice at the end of the day.

Hayrullah Kaya graduated from Atatürk University Faculty of Dentistry in 2016. He has been continuing his professional life in private clinics since his graduation. His areas of interest include MTA applications, endodontic treatments under microscope, dental isolation systems, digital and adhesive dentistry. Hayrullah teaches at courses about Endodontics in Dentsply Sirona as Key Opinion Leader (KOL). He also teaches Rubber Dam and MTA applications with Öncü Academy and provides one on one trainings at clinics. He resides in Istanbul where he continues his career.