Dr. Kostas Karagiannopoulos

Composite injection moulding for the worn dentition

Resin composites are used more and more in the daily routine of the restorative dentist. Additive, minimally invasive, adhesive dentistry is now preferred by dentists and patients alike. Injection moulding is a technique that replicates a pre-approved diagnostic waxup through a clear silicone stent. In this presentation we will explore the potential of this technique in managing the worn dentition. The workflow of data collection, smile design, waxup prescription and occlusal considerations will be discussed. We will also explore the benefits of increasing the vertical dimension of occlusion including the Dahl concept. Injection moulding is a predictable and consistent technique for the treatment of the worn dentition.

Kostas is an experienced specialist prosthodontist and an Honorary Consultant at King’s College, London. He completed both his basic and specialist training in London, UK. He has been teaching dental students and training specialists since 2008. He is practicing in 2 specialist practices in The London area. Having an interest in the management of the worn dentition he has been performing the injection moulding technique since 2017 and provides training for dentists both nationally and internationally. He is a key opinion leader for GC UK and has trained hundreds of dentists in the subject of injectable resin composites.