Dr. Michaela Sehnert

Modern dentistry allows us to treat our patients in a digital way that allows a more minimal invasive and faster treatment.

In our clinic, my team and I use different digital tools to help our patients understand all the changes that are possible to do, transforming the treatment journey to their dream smiles in an exciting and emotional experience. Digital tools engage and educate our patients in an easy and understandable way. In addition to make the workflow in our clinic organic and smoother.

Treatments become more precise, and treatment planning is more predictable than ever. Whether Alignment will be combined with Restorative work or bonding after or help to create a stable occlusion or better oral situation for our patients to keep oral hygiene.

Invisalign is a phase in the comprehensive treatments that changes for good the whole approach of our planning.

Michaela A. Sehnert is a general dentist working in her own practice in Halle, Germany. She studied in the Hanseatic City of Greifswald and Leipzig and finished top of her class. The mother of two offers comprehensive dentistry to her patients with a main focus since 2017 on clear aligner therapy.

Her daily practice is focused on non-and minimal invasive dentistry in a complete digital and modern workflow.

Michaela is a provider of the Invisalign System for patients of all ages - kids, teenagers, and adults. She is a speaker for Align Technology, Aligner Consulting and the C.L.E.A.R. Institute and educates doctors and their teams all over the world.

Overview in dates:
Michaela Andrea Sehnert
Born on 27 of May 1987 in Germany

- 2006-2013 Study of dentistry at the Universität Hansestadt Greifswald, Universität Leipzig
- 2013-2016 employee dentist in the city of Halle
- Established in own clinic in the city of Halle since 2016
- Invisalign provider since 2017
- since 2017 Speaker for Align Technology and Aligner Consulting
- 2017-2022 Certification courses for Invisalign Go in Europe
- 2018: Articles published: Digitaler Abdruck: immer mehr Möglichkeiten- Deutscher
Ärzteverlag/ Dental Magagzin/ 2018; 36(8)
- 2018 Dental Online College: Invisalign Go Education Video
- 2019 Master of Clear Aligner Therapy by The C.L.E.A.R. Institute
- Since 2019 Part of the Go Beyond Campaign Align
- 2019 Speaker at the Align IDS Cologne
- 2019 Asia Roadshow Training in Hongkong, Shenzhen, Bangkok, Beijing for Invisalign Go & GoPlus
- 2019 Speaker at the Align Summit in Berlin
- 2019 Speaker at the BACD in London
- 2020 Speaker at the Digital Innovations Forum from Align Technology
- 2021 Speaker at Zahnärzte Symposium and Align Summit
- 2021 Speaker at the Align IDS Cologne
- 2022 Speaker at the EAED in Bordeaux
- 2022 Speaker at the Invisalign Growth Summit in Croatia