Dr. Mustafa Özcan

Science and Knowledge Behind the Digital Orthodontics Approaches: Clear Aligner Treatments
From the patients' perspective clear aligners are a game changer in orthodontics for treatment acceptability. As a result, clear aligner therapy (CAT) is the modern, rapidly adaptable treatment technique for orthodontic treatment used by many orthodontist worldwide. Because CAT has demonstrated to deliver excellent outcomes in a wide range of malocclusion types, clear aligners have been the treatment of choice for many orthodontist. CAT, while commonly beneficial as a treatment modality, does in some situations need a thorough grasp of critical factors in the treatment approach's efficacy. There are several brands of Clear Aligner Systems on orthodontic markets, and there is also an alternative for orthodontist in office production. I will briefly explain the role of orthodontist for treatment planning to have predictable results and give some tips and tricks in Clear Aligner Treatments.

Undergradute: Yeditepe Üniversitesi
Master: Messina Üniversitesi-Digital Orthodontics
PhD: Yeditepe Üniversitesi-Orthodontics
Membership and Certifications:
·        Turkish Dental Association-Member
·        Turkish Orthodontic Societyt  Executive Board- Member
·        Turkish Aligner Society Executive Board -Treasurer
·        World Federation of Orthodontics -Member
·        American Orthodontic Association-International Member
·        European Orthodontic Society-Member
·        European Aligner Society-Member
·        Italian Orthodontic Society-SIDO-International Member
·        American Aligner Society -International Member
·        Euro-Asian Orthodontic Society- Member
·        Lingual Orthodontics Society-Member
·        Invisalign, eCligner, K-line, Airnivol, Flexiligner, Spark Clear Aligner Certifications
·        Master Aligner Academy, Aligner Intensive Fellowhip, MasterCoip-Active Member