Dr. Nicola Scotti

The modern approach to the restoration of non-vital tooth

The adhesive revolution completely changed the restorative dentistry, which is now mainly based on bonded direct and indirect rehabilitations over remaining tooth structures. Even within the endodontically treated tooth, which is weakened and structurally altered, the bonded approach is today considered the gold standard thanks to the reduced amount of hard tissue removal. The improved knowledge on adhesive systems stability, on composite resins and ceramic materials push the clinician towards less invasive treatments based on direct and indirect adhesive partial restorations. Based on these consideration, today the problem is to define clear clinical indications for the proper rehabilitation of the endodontically treated tooth, either in anterior either in posterior regions. Based on research findings and clinical experience, the lecture will try to clarify the best adhesive approach in the post-endo rehabilitation, looking to the next future improvements: the digital adhesive dentistry.

Nicola Scotti is an Associate Professor in Restorative Dentistry at the University of Torino, Italy, PhD in Nanotechnology. Professor and Director of the postgraduate course in Restorative Dentistry and Aesthetics, University of Torino. Collaborator professor of the discipline “Preventive and minimally invasive procedures” for post-graduate courses at UNESP, San Paolo, Brasil. Tutor and Teacher in the PhD program in Bioengineering and Medico-Surgical Disciplines, University of Turin. Co-Advisor in the PhD program of ICT-UNESP, Campus de São José dos Campos, Brasil. International Collaborator Docent at the Postgraduate Program in Oral Sciences of the Federal University of Santa Maria, Brasil. Active member of the Italian Academy of restorative Dentistry, Board member of the European Federation of Conservative Dentistry, Member of the IADR Dental Materials Group. Author of 84 articles on international scientific journals (Scopus: 1176 citations, H-index 21). Member of the editorial board and reviewer of international journals. Author of books focused on Restorative Dentistry and Dental Materials. Invited speaker in numerous national and international congresses