Dt. Ömer Engin


Today, dental photography is not optional any longer but a very important tool. It is necessary for all treatment stages of a case and patient records. It may be difficult to use a simple procedure for the relevant protocol, equipment, shooting and processing of photograph. However, this process is mandatory for standardized dental photographs. Human factors, technical factors and the purpose of using images are the elements that need to be standardized. Colour fidelity in dental photography is important at all stages of dentistry.
Snapshot, diaphragm, iso, kelvin values, magnification rates in the camera, patient position must be definitely the same in the before and after photos. After shooting a photo, processing stage is evaluated according to environment where it will be used or purpose of use.

In this study, the importance of comparing, monitoring and evaluating treatment results was emphasized and logic and standardization of dental photography were described.

Graduated from İstanbul University Faculty of Dentistry in 1980. He took up photography for a hobby in early 1970s. Since 1975, he’s participated in contests, mixed exhibitions and his photographs have been published on various national and international magazines. From 2005 to 2011, he opened his personal exhibition. He’s been producing dental and medical illustrations since 1990 for “Institute of Medical Illustrators”. In 1992, he developed the graphical design and dental illustrations of the automation program introduced to dentistry sector. The Dental Illustrations he prepared have been used in different national and international computer programs since 1992.

During his years at faculty, he got engaged with medical and dental photography due to professional requirement. He conducted studies on the more functional use of analogue and digital photography equipment and their supervision with computer programmes. He has published articles on dental photography and a book “Dental Photography”. In his professional career, he studies medical and dental photography while he still continues sharing his knowledge in this field through publications, courses and seminars with a view to establishing international dental photography standards in Turkey.

At present, he delivers lectures on dental photography at Yeditepe University Faculty of Dentistry and has his own private practice.