Prof. Dr. Ömer Günhan

Oral potentially malignant lesions

Oral cancer is an important health problem and shows an increasing frequency. Most oral cancers develop after an early stage or there is a precursor or potentially malignant stage. The most appropriate way to achieve good treatment results in oral cancers is to detect the lesions at an early stage, if possible, at the precancerous stage. Preventing cancers at an early stage in an easily accessible and inspectable area such as the mouth is an important task for dentistry. In this talk, the roles of leukoplakia, erythroplasia, oral submucous fibrosis, autoimmune, and other chronic inflammatory diseases, which are among the precancerous lesions of the mouth, in the formation of cancer will be discussed. In these lesions, which are defined as potentially malignant, the factors that are effective in determining the risk, the dysplasia grading, the risk of developing cancer of the lesion and the patient will be explained. Particular attention will be paid to human papillomavirus (HPV) related mouth lesions, which have started to increase. In addition, diseases that are common

Prof. Dr. Ömer Günhan finished his education in Ankara University, School of Dentistry on 1977. He gained his Ph. degree in Gülhane Military Medical Academy on 1985. Later, he trained in AFIP, Washington DC in USA and studied as a researcher in Liverpool University, Department of Pathology, for one year. He become associate professor on 1989 and full professor on 1995. He become the head of the Department of Pathology in GATA between 2001-2006. He is the member of Turkish Society of Pathology, Ankara Society of Pathology, Turkish Society of Cytopathology, International Society of Oral Pathology and International Society of Cytopathology. He is working particularly on head and neck pathology, oral and maxillofacial pathology and cytopathology. He published more than two hundred international and national article. He has tree textbook of pathology, two is related with oral and maxillofacial pathology and has a section in tree pathology textbook. He retired from GATA in 2016 and is working at TOBB ETU Medical School Department of Pathology.