Prof. Dr. Tuncer Burak Özçelik

Screws and Prostheses

The screw is a simple machine and is also briefly defined as the connection point. With the spread of implant applications, it has entered our lives even more. In this presentation, screw mechanics and screw-retained prosthesis applications will be discussed with the guidance of the literature.

Dr.T.Burak Ozcelik was born in Zonguldak in 1970. He graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry in 1995. After attending a PhD program at The Ankara University, Faculty of Dentistry department of prosthodontics, Dr. Ozcelik completed his doctoral thesis entitled "The investigation of implant-tooth born fixed partial denture design with two different stress analyses methods" in 2002. Thirty-six of 38 international publications are within the scope of SCI or SCI-expanded. Dr. T. Burak Özçelik is currently ranked as a professor at Department of Prosthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, Baskent University.

Areas of Special Interest

Dental Implants
Prosthetic Laboratory Technology
Maxillo Facial Prostheses and Implants
Color in Dentistry