Prof. Dr. Vivek Hegde

Obturation Techniques in Endodontics

Its often said that what you remove is more important than what you fill, however what is started well has to also end well. Hence completing the Root canal treatments by obturating it with suitable techniques & materials also plays a significant role. The final outcome and prognosis of endodontic treatment in many cases comes down to the management of the root canal architecture. Ranging from the materials we use for the obturation, to the instruments and adjuncts, extending to what we perceive as a satisfactory outcome, our understanding of this subject has improved considerably.

Where the middle third meets the remainder of the root is where the difference between a great outcome meets a mediocre outcome and this lecture is where the past meets the present, and perhaps the future of the obturation and its various techniques.

Dr. Vivek Hegde is the Vice Principal and Head of the Department of Endodontics at M. A. Rangoonwala Dental College. His many achievements include being President of the Society of Oral Laser Applications, Director of the Indian Board of Endodontics, Immediate Past President of the Indian Endodontics Society, Faculty at the University of Vienna, On the Editorial board of various Journals and past Vice President of the Indian Academy of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, Indian Endodontics Society and Indian Society of Prosthodontics- Restorative- Periodontics.

Dr. Hegde has been conducting workshops on basic and advanced Endodontics for the past decade, as well as specialized workshops on microscopic Endodontics. He has lectured extensively both nationally and internationally, including at the International Endo Masters platform 2017, Country representative at IFEA WEC 2018 in Seoul, Korea, country speaker at Asia Pacific Endodontics Confederation (APEC) 2017, New Delhi , APEC country representative speaker at the annual session of the American Association of Endodontists (AAE)2016, 1st International Endodontic Congress in Dhaka Bangladesh ,2018 and many more.

He is the Director and the founder of The White Arch Dental Centre and The White Arch Dental Academy.

He has also Founded One Dental, which is South Asia’s largest online platform for dental students, practitioners, educators, event organizers and manufacturing companies which collectively aims to raise the bar of dentistry.

However, above all, Dr. Vivek Hegde is an experienced practitioner, a passionate teacher and a proud father!